“Haters Back Off.” Netflix Series Review

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Disclaimer *Contains spoilers*

I decided that it was time I watched ‘Haters Back Off.’ It’s a Netflix original series created by Colleen Ballinger, a lot of you may know her as Miranda Sings, and her brother Chris Ballinger. As for now there is only one season which consists of eight 30 minute long episodes.

Haters Back Off is about Miranda Sings wanting to be a YouTube star. Only, she has no talent and is overconfident. Her uncle tries to help her with her channel, in getting views and fans. She gets hate from the few views and she is very rude. Until, her uncle posts a video of her that she doesn’t want posted. He does it behind her back and when she finds out she see’s the amount of views it receives. This is where the first season ends.

It looks to me like Colleen wanted to show her fans a side to how Miranda became famous. A character whom is now a famous YouTuber, created by Colleen. On the Miranda Sings channel on YouTube the first video is the ‘Free Voice Lesson’ in which Miranda teaches us how to sing.

Before I started watching it I had some expectations. I was expecting it to be funny and entertaining. It turned out to be the exact opposite. What’s odd is that I actually watch Miranda Sings’ videos on YouTube but found this show to be a little, dare I say, boring. There wasn’t anything funny in the show and I kind of thought it was stupid humour half the time and not even the good kind. The storyline itself wasn’t entertaining either. I kind of felt as if the story was going too slow and a lot of the characters irritated me. Now, I know it’s a comedy show but the way the mother pretends to have a condition at the beginning is stupid. There are a lot of people who do have disabilities and can’t do anything about them. The character that plays Miranda’s mother fakes an injury and it’s a little offensive. Another character I find a little creepy is the Uncle. He kind of looks and sounds like a pervert at times, like I said I am aware the show is a comedy, but it feels weird. I’m sure that this show is targeted towards the younger viewers and it’s a little odd but then again, that’s just my opinion. Overall, I was genuinely hoping to laugh out loud but instead I was cringing.

I’m not saying that I hate Miranda or Colleen or anyone. I was just expecting…more I guess. There is a lot that Colleen, as the producer, could have put into the show to make it funnier or more entertaining. Her Miranda videos make me laugh and this seemed to make me want to go into hiding. I may be completely wrong, there may be a lot of you out there that think it’s hilarious. This is just my own honest opinion on the show. The first season ends on a cliffhanger, which made me actually want to know what happens next. I feel that if there is a second season that it may be a little more entertaining. Purely because Miranda’s career will finally kick off. The first season was just about how she would rise to fame and how she could get noticed. Now that her video is up and she’s getting all these views and comments the style of the show and the pace could change.

Hopefully, the second season is more appealing to me and entertaining as well. For now I shall let it be.

Let me know your opinions on the show if you’ve watched it and what other reviews you’d like to read. Whether they’re books, T.V shows, music, movies and I’ll try my best to review it.

All the love x


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